Taiwan night markets are very popular among local population as well as tourists. This game《 夜市人蔘》was designed to take advantage of this popularity to use as the overall theme in a fun and informative game card format.

Founded by two interior designers, Jessica and Omen. With their experience in the field, they understand all the process of getting a project done. Picamat seeking material around the world and do all the research before presenting to their users.

Providing small business owners like street vendors or markets a simple way to connecting their consumers’ everyday life consumption.

Designs for Electronics Industries QNAP, which integrates technologies on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management.

Branding and stationary design. The 3rdness serves as a container into which streams of ideas and thoughts, via online forum or brainstorming, flows. It also provides a physical space where events and exhibitions are facilitated.
:overdue studio makes unisex socks and accessories. The design contains messages and concerns of potential problems of the globe and worries for all human beings.
Sushi can be prepared in many different ways, mostly combined with ingredients like seafood, vegetables and vinegared rice. Base on this idea, we put proportionally all the ingredients in order, and simplified the form and color to create a modern color palette of sushi.

The Door Inn, located in Taipei, the hostel offers easy access to East Gate. Their guests will enjoy Taiwanese and Chinese meals in Xiaonanmen, which is 400 meters from the property. During the event, we provided stroll map and food voucher. Letting tourists from abroad have the chance to taste authentic cuisine in the neighborhood and to transform the entertainment value of the game into a fun travel experience.

There are so many possible and endless ways with this kind of art work which reminds me of the breathtaking living walls at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris by French botanist Patrick Blanc.