Brand Identity and Stationary

The 3rdness

Branding and stationary design. The 3rdness serves as a container into which streams of ideas and thoughts, via online forum or brainstorming, flows. It also provides a physical space where events and exhibitions are facilitated.





Client: Davis Chen

Category: Logo

White Wood Café

White Wood House is a bakery and café selling breads, cakes and other pastries, located in many cities in Taiwan. This rebranding project involves changes to brand’s logo, signage and also the shop front.





Client: White Wood House

Category: Logo

Ashan Fruit Shop

Taiwan is known by many as the “Kingdom of Fruit.” The subtropical island-nation produces fruit all year round. Ashan is a fruit shop owner from Keelung, after his retirement, his son would like to make the shop identity which named after his father’s nickname.





Client: Ashan Fruit Shop

Category: Logo

Link: Brand guidelines

Wayne’s Boston

Wayne and Chloe own a Boston characteristic style of restaurant and serve authentic dishes. They wanted merge Boston local landmarks into logo which one could tell at a glance. Branding from basic business card to stationery, color palette, restaurant menu. The menu incorporates the feel of a local newspaper with an original idea of the owner.





Client: Wayne’s Boston

Category: Logo/ Stationary