Shared Marketplace for Everyone

Providing small business owners like street vendors or markets a simple way to connecting their consumers’ everyday life consumption. With an iBeacon network, any brand, retailer platform will be able to understand exactly where a customer is in the brick and mortar environment. This provides an opportunity to send customers hyper-local, meaningful messages and advertisements on their smartphones.






Category: App UI / iBeacon for shops
Team:Davis Chen /Alex Chen/ Sid Huang / Yek
Concept: Link1 | Link2

Doshare App

People can receive promotional information send by nearby stores by their mobile phone positioning. Through the functions of accumulating and sharing points, queue reminder, and pre-ordering some products, users can build a shopping platform that belongs to themselves and their families or friends.


使用者透過手機定位接收附近店家推播的優惠資訊,透過:累積點數、分享點數 、排隊候位、新品預購等功能,建立屬於自己與家人的購物平台。

User Wireframe: Link

Doshare for Shop and Market

Doshare would like to create a easy CMS, order management and POS in a efficient way, including event release and list management, VIP discount.


讓店家更有效率處理熟客經營、訂單管理、POS系統,減少繁雜人事訓練的時間與成本。計畫功能包含:活動發佈、名單確認、開團認購 、VIP優惠。


Shop Wireframe: Link
Demo: Link