The Door Inn, Event posters

The Door Inn, located in Taipei, the hostel offers easy access to East Gate. Their guests will enjoy Taiwanese and Chinese meals in Xiaonanmen, which is 400 meters from the property. During the event, we provided stroll map and food voucher. Letting tourists from abroad have the chance to taste authentic cuisine in the neighborhood and to transform the entertainment value of the game into a fun travel experience.

老宅風格的門草行旅The Door Inn 位於台北老城區大稻埕、迪化街位在是台北較早發展的區域,曾經經歷歷史的滄桑,現在是中藥、南北貨和布行的集散地,旅宿的周邊有許多融合風格迥異的百年建築與新興文創小店,在新舊交融中散發獨有的生命力。《夜市人蔘》與門草行旅合作,一同舉辦推廣旅宿周邊美食。設計海報與門草地圖,唯有身處該地域有過相同美食經驗者較能感受,也將遊戲牌卡另行規劃,讓遊客帶到市場點餐、抑或兌換食物等方式和攤販老闆互動,這方式將遊戲娛樂價值轉化為旅行生活經驗交流,是我們想多給玩家的樂趣。

Photo Credit: © The Door Inn

Première Vision Paris SS20-21, MACKENT Fabrics Patterns

Mackent Group reached a new milestone after successfully implementing a vertically integrated value chain from knitting to dyeing to produce and innovate fashion spacer fabrics. The spacer fabric is unique in its appearance, hand feel and wearing comfort thus enabling visual effects like multi-dimensional structures to 3D simulation looks.



MACKENT以三明治布料為基礎,開發出革命性的布料-Beyond Spacer,近年紡織業,被許多人認為是將沒落的夕陽產業,讓企業主有了轉型的想法,透過與時裝界秀導Timm的指導,讓傳產也擅用自己的專長,建立自己獨一無二的品牌,不再只是扮演國際大牌的供應商。申請參加Première Vision只是MACKENT從紡織業跨到時尚圈的第一步,這次專案參與期開發布料的過程,負責處理參展布料中的數位圖樣的部分。




Client: Mackent Group
Category: Pattern Design
Art Director: Timm Wu
Première Vision: www.premierevision.com

ZA SHARE Education Fair

ZA SHARE is a diversified platform that accommodates every character, every personality, and freely shows varied appearances in different stages of life.They has turned into a platform for learning and creating in order to help different people live their own lives and support everyone to achieve a wonderful life!


《夜市人蔘》的目標客群主要是親子家庭、在台學華語人士、海外華語家庭、旅外學生。因此,專案參加了 2019 年雜學校 ZA SHARE 舉辦的教育創新博覽會,提供更多教育工作者、家長、產業人才以及更多的大眾的學習中不同的需求外,這次參加雜學校教育展,回饋踴躍,也很榮幸獲選為“2019 雜學校人氣 MVP”十大人氣參展單位。



Team: Vicky Lee & Alban COUEFFE
Event Info: www.2019.zashare.org