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Picamat [ Pick – A – Material ]

Founded by two interior designers, Jessica and Omen. With their experience in the field, they understand all the process of getting a project done. Picamat seeking material around the world and do all the research before presenting to their users. Only manufacturers and brands that meet our founder Jessica and Omen’s selection criteria are given the possibility of presenting on PICAMAT.


Picamat 原意是 “Pick a material” ,室內材料圖書館是一個專屬室內空間材料的網路分享平台,由Jessica 與 Omen創立。以室內設計師專業角度,精選適合台灣市場、最能多元運用的材料服務建築與室內設計師。



Client: Picamat

Category: Brand Identity / Web design / Front-end development / Event Brochure

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Brand Identity & Website

Providing diverse and particular materials which are classified according to fabric, wallpaper, wooden flooring, carpets, iron parts, tiles, veneer, environmental protection materials online and offline. From the brand identity to website where interior designers can build up their portfolio of work. PICAMAT integrates resources, worldwide materials venders, designers and consumer. They are trying to create a better space and home design.




Demo: Link

Picamat Say Taipei

Just like the side exhibition of worldwide Furnishing Fair, “PICAMAT Say Taipei” combines the furniture and furnishings shops and the hotels in Daan District to create a small Warm-Up.


如同巴黎家飾展、米蘭家具展都有的展外展活動,PICAMAT 迺台北以大安區的範圍結合傢具傢飾和旅館業等知名的相關店家,在建材展之外打造一個小型活動,引導目標市場的客人走出展外擴大看展效應。


UI kit:

Zigzag Chair Play with Design

Organized by material platform, PICAMAT, who took part in Taipei material exhibition 2016.  This project was expected to use different materials recreating our own Zigzag Chair, which designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934, comprising four flat wooden tiles that are merged in a Z-shape.



Zig Zag Chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, 1934 Rietveld 的 Zig Zag Chair 靈感源自於德國Heinz & Bodo Rasch兄弟於1927年發表, 以人體坐姿發想的 “Sitzgeiststuhl” 椅子 (Seat Spirit Chair). 受PICAMAT的邀請用室內材料重新詮釋這張經典椅子,透過天然苔蘚材料與時皮夾版,讓椅子走出傢俱,利用氣根植物增添仿真苔蘚的自然野趣。