:overdue Socks and Accessories

:overdue studio makes unisex socks and accessories. The design contains messages and concerns of potential problems of the globe and worries for all human beings. Base on these, the website request to be clean and distinct. Based in Australia, :overdue is looking to share its island design to the world.


:overdue 設計師將環保議題用明快簡約的方式呈現在布料上,透過與自身貼近的物件,用最輕鬆、直接的方式傳達人類所共同面臨的矛盾與事實,冒號代表著要說的事不偽裝、無避諱、不會過期。襪子來自台灣彰化社頭鄉,所有原料、包裝到成品皆堅持在地製造。




Client: :Overdue

Category: Web design / Front-end development

Back-end development: Deen Chen
Website(Off-line): Link