Personal Project 2.

Tillandsia Living Wall

A Vertical Garden in Home


Tillandsias are epiphytes that grow without soil. I’m recently in love with the idea of vertical gardens: they’re environmentally friendly, easy to take care of and aesthetically stylish! I used simple ikea picture frame to create a boarder and two types of moss to add a different texture to the living wall. There are so many possible and endless ways with this kind of art work which reminds me of the breathtaking living walls at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris by French botanist Patrick Blanc.


在家中大搞植栽綠化或是悠閒逛花市是這幾年週末最愛的事,生活在法國的幾年發現室內最美的家飾品首推兩種:書與植物。一直以來很喜歡植物藝術家Patrick Blanc在巴黎布朗利碼頭博物館的綠色外牆,以及他設計的“直立式花園”,決定來改造Ikea畫框,配上史上最強的氣根植物“空氣鳳梨”,除了讓自己過了一個相當美好的週末,也可以達到空氣淨化與空間美化。



Tillandsia butzii
Tillandsia landbeckii
Tillandsia brachycaulos
Cryptanhus acalis