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Taiwan Night Market 

Taiwan night markets are very popular among local population as well as tourists. This game “夜市人蔘” was designed to take advantage of this popularity to use as the overall theme in a fun and informative game card format. The game is easy to carry and easy to play.


《夜市人蔘》於2018年4/16日正式公佈於嘖嘖募資平台,獲得各國朋友響應,首日達標,最終以1470%成功結束專案募資,目前已售出超過1萬套, 期間不少社群平台的介紹與關注(Everyday Object、MOT明日誌、Taipei Times 、大人物、Sense、Circle)。透過旅客來台必去的重點”夜市仔”,將大家最愛的街頭料理與夜市小吃解構重整,包裝成一系列兼具娛樂性且保存無期限的”文化餐盒”。



Category: Illustration / Packaging / Project execution

Game Design: Alban COUEFFE
Team: Vicky Lee(PM) & Sid Huang(Marcom) & Elvis Kuo(App development)
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Crowdfunding Page: Zeczec

Good Design Award 2018

GDA Review: “Visiting the night market and eating delicious food is a must for all visitors to Taiwan. Through beautiful illustrations, textual descriptions, and logical yet interesting process design, this board game introduces people to the various types of night market, and also various things about the lives of ordinary Taiwanese by playing the game. It is another really good way to market Taiwan.”





Good Design

Taipei Times:
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ZA SHARE Education Fair

ZA SHARE is a diversified platform that accommodates every character, every personality, and freely shows varied appearances in different stages of life.They has turned into a platform for learning and creating in order to help different people live their own lives and support everyone to achieve a wonderful life!


《夜市人蔘》的目標客群主要是親子家庭、在台學華語人士、海外華語家庭、旅外學生。因此,專案參加了 2019 年雜學校 ZA SHARE 舉辦的教育創新博覽會,提供更多教育工作者、家長、產業人才以及更多的大眾的學習中不同的需求外,這次參加雜學校教育展,回饋踴躍,也很榮幸獲選為“2019 雜學校人氣 MVP”十大人氣參展單位。



Team: Vicky Lee & Alban COUEFFE
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