Yes! Ginseng

Taiwan Night Market

Taiwan night markets are very popular among local population as well as tourists. This game “夜市人蔘” was designed to take advantage of this popularity to use as the overall theme in a fun and informative game card format. The game is easy to carry and easy to play.


《夜市人蔘》於2018年4/16日正式公佈於嘖嘖募資平台,獲得各國朋友響應,首日達標,最終以1470%成功結束專案募資,目前已售出近9000套, 期間不少社群平台的介紹與關注(Everyday Object、MOT明日誌、Taipei Times 、大人物、Sense、Circle)。透過旅客來台必去的重點”夜市仔”,將大家最愛的街頭料理與夜市小吃解構重整,包裝成一系列兼具娛樂性且保存無期限的”文化餐盒”。


Category: Illustration / Packaging / Project execution

Game Design: Alban COUEFFE
Team: Vicky Lee(PM) & Sid Huang(Marcom) & Elvis Kuo(App development)
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Crowdfunding Page: Zeczec

What a Sweet Life

Eating and drinking are the two most “indispensable” experiences when visiting Taiwan. Be it rain or shine, hot or cold, the beverage shops around the corner will guarantee you a quenching drink. Pastries associated with traditions and festivities take you on a journey through history and culture. Snack carts patrol the streets, satiating every palate. “What a Sweet Life in Taiwan”《甘味人蔘》, the sequel game of  “Yes! Gingseng”《夜市人蔘》. A game that test your memory on Taiwanese sweets and traditional pastry! And users can download the “Yes! Ginseng” free app to find out more information and knowledge of  Taiwanese Gourmet.


台灣甜點記憶遊戲,結合 35 道傳統甜品,依台灣飲食類別分為 5 類目標,玩家需要有敏銳的觀察力,透過觀察桌面上特殊牌卡的移動來阻礙對手,用最快的時間集滿自己的目標甜品來贏得勝利。藉由《甘味人蔘》和大家簡單分享台灣甜品的種類與演化歷程,並搭配應用程式輔助玩家帶出周邊商家。

Pān-toh, Roadside Banquet

A roadside banquet is a traditional Taiwanese-style banquet. Many well-known Taiwanese dishes originated in roadside banquet culture. Taiwanese people like to hold roadside banquets. Friends and family gather to celebrate important events in life, such as weddings, housewarming parties, newborn’s one month celebration, farewell parties, company year-end parties and religious celebrations.



Good Design Award 2018

GDA Review: “Visiting the night market and eating delicious food is a must for all visitors to Taiwan. Through beautiful illustrations, textual descriptions, and logical yet interesting process design, this board game introduces people to the various types of night market, and also various things about the lives of ordinary Taiwanese by playing the game. It is another really good way to market Taiwan.”



Good Design

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